Why I ditched all these books for now

For the last several months, I have been studious and disciplined enough that I was reading an average of 45 minutes a day. Last month, I started reading “Awakening the Giant Within” for Anthony Robbins and it awakened a reading giant and motivated me to read and read and read! It actually motivated me to set goals, better plans, meet friends, change my perspective… anyway, that’s not my point! So as I was reading this book, I felt inspired to read other books and I wanted to learn and devour many other topics. So I started reading other books simultaneously.

I wanted to read something spiritual so I started “Conversations with God” for Neal Donald Walsh. I also wanted to break free and do entrepreneurial things I love, so I started reading “F*** it do what you love” for John C. Parkin. I also wanted to learn more about the history of our world so I started reading “the Silk Road” for Peter Frankopan.

After two months of reading all these self-help books, spiritual, and historical heavy material;


After two months of being on a roll of positivity, motivation and happiness;


After two months of not missing a day of reading;


After two months of feeling guilty for reading one book and not the other;

I finally decided to ditch all these books and start from scratch. So I went to a bookstore and bought a new book! A novel actually!


Why did I take this daring step?


Why did I stop reading these other books?


Why did I feel like I needed a break?

1.This love affair needs to stop: with all these books that I am in love with, everyday is a constant struggle trying to decide which one to read. I am in love with all of them and just want to gulp them all at once, if only I had supernatural powers!

2.I need a clean break: after all my unfinished business with all these books, I feel that I am all over the place and just need a break. A fresh start, until I get my act together and decide which book I want to devour first.

3.I might have helped myself a lot: with all this self-help, spirituality and history; I believe that I need a break or a change of scenery as they call it. I have been helped for the time being.

4.I miss being captivated by an interesting story: I miss that feeling when I used to read a nice book that I couldn’t let go of and would steal every single moment of the day to continue reading it and know what happens next.

So yes my friends, I just took a clean break from all these books and will read a new novel called “just one day” by Gayle Forman.

Let’s see how long will it take me to finish this book and get back to my love affair…

Now that I told you my love affair with these books, what’s yours?

5 thoughts on “Why I ditched all these books for now

  1. That is what happened to me a while back. I was on a roll, bought the same kind of books, from self-help to spiritual and history and then bam I felt I was exhausting my brain cells with them all so I ditched them and went to the library and got a Jo Nesbo mystery. I needed a break 🙂 but now the question is ” when am I going to get back to them?” its been over a couple of months… I love reading but I am just quite not ready to tackle all that information and positivity. I need the recess before getting back to class, you know what I am saying 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, I am glad that we both are passing through the same thing! I needed a break so much that I read the novel I wrote about in my post in three days! Now I am reading the second book in the sequel!

      I am also asking myself when I will be back! You know, I think that you will be back when it’s time to be back! Don’t pressure yourself, just do as you feel like doing!

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