Why it’s okay to ditch your goals!

For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog posts, I am sure that you are aware of my morning rituals and my goal oriented life. You know that I am a productivity freak and that I don’t drink water daily unless it fits in my health and fitness goals for the year.

So, for you to read such a blog post title will definitely be puzzling. To be honest, it was puzzling for me in the beginning.

So my friends and readers, for the past two weeks, I did not perform any of my morning rituals (reading, exercising, etc. read more about my 13 steps inspirational morning routine ),  I was not able to abide by the goals that I had set and I was busy and distracted after working hours.

Reflecting back on these two weeks, I do not see them as a big sin, on the contrary, I have come to appreciate them and have definitely learned a lot from them.

Here’s why I believe that it’s okay to (sometimes) ditch your goals:

  1. You set your goals, you break them! The best thing about setting goals is the simple fact that YOU set them. If it’s not YOU who set your goals, then they shouldn’t be goals, they should be homework or workwork. When you set your own rules, you get to be the judge and allow yourself to break them whenever you want.
  2. Sometimes you need a pattern breaker! If you are disciplined and have very strict goals and ambitions for every second of your day, you definitely need to break that pattern sometimes so you can get to notice life around you.
  3. Life doesn’t always need to be planned! When all your life is planned, you will miss out on the adventure, you will not allow miracles to happen, and you will not be able to enjoy achieving your goals. You will be dead tired by the time you achieve all your goals.
  4. Life doesn’t always need to be perfect! The first time someone told me that sentence, I almost went to jail for murder. Yes, you know me, the perfectionist, me and this sentence cannot be in the same room. Well, I have learned that sometimes, it’s okay if things are not perfect. You should decide when you want things to be perfect and when it’s okay if they are not.
  5. You need to let life lead you for a while and trust where it will take you! Sometimes when you are not so anxious about reaching that goal of yours, staying up to your status quo, being perfect in everything, you just give space for the universe to breath and take action. Sometimes you will be surprised by what life and the universe have to offer.

So, getting back to my two-weeks goal break,; well, even though I did not achieve my goals, nor conduct any of my routines:

  1. I was able to support a friend launch a business venture that will support him and his family for several years;
  2. I spent more quality time with someone dear to my heart;
  3. I learned a lot about the business world (something very far from my experience in non-profits);
  4. I stimulated my mind mentally in new ways;
  5. I learned how to take business calculated risk;
  6. I had fun (to be honest a stressful fun, but fun for sure!)

So, why did I feel that it’s okay to ditch my goals?

Well, it’s for one simple reason.

When you have a vision and your goals are so rounded; not achieving a goal per say will still teach you what that goal was intended to teach you! Because, you should never do anything that does not lead to achieving your life purpose!

(does this sentence sound complicating or its me having a hard time expressing a euphoric moment?!)

Well, read it again! 😐

Okay, here’s another version of the sentence:

When you have a vision and your goals are so rounded; not achieving a goal per say will still lead you where that goal was supposed to take you! Because, you should never do anything that does not lead to achieving your life purpose!

Okay, I think that my point is clear now 🙂 . Have a vision and a life purpose, set goals that will help you achieve them and then its okay to ditch these goals for some time.

Enjoy your life, every second of it and remember that you are here on this earth with an important purpose!

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