11 At-Home Date Night Ideas

So today is Valentine’s Day, for a lot of people, it’s a yearly ritual full of flowers, red roses, chocolate and more. For some, it’s just another day like no other.

No matter what this day means to you, you can still take the opportunity and spend time at home with your loved one.

Here are 11 date-night ideas that you can do at home:

1. Fondue night

Do you feel like spending a calm evening, where you can sit back, chat and have a bite or two? Piece together a fondue set, take your pick of cheese, chocolate, or meat, and create a lovely sweet or savory meal with minimum effort.

2. Movie night

Do you feel like watching a movie? Choose a nice movie, make some popcorn and cuddle up with your loved one as you enjoy Hollywood’s finest cinema.

 3. Delivery night

Do you want to enjoy a meal with your loved one, yet don’t feel like cooking? Order your favorite meal, and enjoy it in the warmth of your home.

 4. Bubble bath night

Do you feel like relaxing? Fill your bath with hot water, some bubbly bath soap, and your favorite oils (lavender and rosemary will relax your nerves), then sit back and relax with your partner. Some wine wouldn’t be bad with a bubble bath.

date night

5. Game night

Do you feel like getting the ball rolling? Why not play some games with your loved one? Get a board game, or an action game, throw the dice and have some fun. Do not forget to prepare some nibbles and bite that go along with your evening.

6. Karaoke night

Do you feel like singing? Are you the loud type? Why not have a wild night along the microphone and sing the night away? Though, please be careful not to scare your neighbors!

7. Photo shooting night

Do you like taking pictures? Or do you prefer to have your pictures taken? Why not enjoy a photo shooting evening where you take beautiful pictures as you enjoy a bite or two?

8. Massage night

Do you feel like a massage? Light some candles, light some incense, put some calm music and take turns massaging one another.

9. Stargaze night

Do you like looking at the stars? Why not enjoy a stargazing night out at your porch. Get a nice blanket, some good food and sit out and enjoy the stars.

10. Sports night

Do you feel like getting that energy out? Are you the energetic sporty couple? Why not enjoy an evening of sports activities at home? Get a sports DVD and exercise your night away. Why not prepare some smoothies and some fruit salads for the aftermath.

11. BBQ night

Do you feel like having meat? Are you a meat lover? Why not enjoy a BBQ out in the open air. Don’t worry about setting a nice table, just get good meat, get the heat on, and enjoy your treat.

No matter what you end up doing, remember, the most important is having your loved one by your side!


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