Why You Should “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”

“Fake it ’till you make it”

I am sure that you have heard this quote several times by people around you. I also bet that this quote made you ever madder since you weren’t feeling good and you didn’t know how faking it will help you make it.

I have a history of making it and to be honest, I have faked it a lot and I still do 🙂

Here are several reasons why you might need to “Fake it ’till you make it”:

  1. You might be feeling down and demotivated about your life
  2. You might be sick and in a crappy mood
  3. You might be tired and cannot take it any longer
  4. You might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and stuck in the middle
  5. You might be far from achieving success in your business
  6. Your business idea might not be the next best hit

These and a lot more variables that are sometimes at stake and when you aim to get there, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you. I personally believe (as well as a lot of others around me) that if you truly madly deeply believe that you will get somewhere, you dam sure will get there. It’s just a matter of time and belief.

fakeittillyoumakeit (1)

Here are some examples of how you could “Fake it ’till you make it”:

1.Dress well: how many of you have been feeling down and haven’t even noticed that you had your shirt upside down by the time you got to work?! This might be an exaggeration, let me give you a more reasonable example. Okay, how many of you have been feeling so down that you wore your mood? Our clothing tends to reflect out moods, I know that whenever I feel down, I don’t focus on what I am dressed and everyone around me just notices my overall well-being and would ask: “Are you okay?”.

More than often, this question makes me feel worse. After several years, I realized that when I am feeling down and wear my best clothes, and do my hair in the best way possible, everyone around me will comment on my positive mood and this would somehow reflect positively and help me get over my bad mood. I still do it when I catch myself falling into a bad loop. Try it out, the next time you feel that you are in a bad mood loop, decide to wear something nice and see how it will change your mood.

2.Smile: as simple as it is, a smile is contagious. How many times have you been somewhere, frowning, then someone smiled at you and you smiled back, then your whole mood changed? Smiling even if you are not feeling happy or in the mood will help you improve your physiology and will shift your mood making you happy. Try it out, the next time you catch yourself frowning, just smile even if you don’t mean it, in a couple of minutes you will forget your frown and believe your smile and everyone around you will also be happy.

3.Greet everyone passionately: how many times have you been feeling awful that you ran away from people around you and sat in your own cave?! And how many times have these people followed you to your cave to see what’s wrong?! I know that I have faced this many times. What I now do, besides dress well and smile, is go around and greed everyone passionately. When I am doing this, I am showing them how happy I am, I am showing them that my life is perfectly fine, I am opening up the opportunity that they come and tell me what a motivation for them it is to see me with all my passion, and thus, I am feeling energized and I am forgetting that I had been feeling like crap. Try it out, the next time you are feeling down, go around the office or supermarket and greet the people around you with passion. You will emit positive energy their way, they will feel happy and they will emit this same energy towards you and you will forget that you were feeling like crap or down or even sad.

4.Believe that your startup is the next best thing the world needs: How many times have you met people in a professional setting who go ahead and introduce their startup or company, yet then directly follow their sentence with a “but” sentence saying something like “but our company is still small, we are still making it happen…” and how many times have you met people who told you how their business was the only company that has the best technology to end world hunger? You believes them, then after a while, you understood that they were running a one-man-show who is trying to end world hunger and if successful would do that in 2050? I know that I have met both types of people. But guess what? The people who believed that their startups were the next best thing the world needs actually walked the path and made their startups big successful companies after some time since it all stems in our belief system. Try it out, the next time your introduce your work, your startup, or your business idea, describe it with passion, imagine that you are Jamie Oliver talking about marinara sauce (by the way, if you don’t know Jamie Oliver is a very famous chef 🙂 who succulently talks about food). See how people’s eyes shine when you speak about the thing you love with passion. This will make them believe you, encourage you, give you all the motivation you need, so you go make that startup the next best thing and help end world hunger.

5.Call yourself whatever professional title you are aiming for: how many times have you seen people who have their dream business cards with their dream title, dream company and dream office lying around on their dream board or around them? I know that it worked with me. Well these people tend to easily reach whatever professional titles they dream about. It’s the power of attraction and positive reinforcement. Try it out, think of your dream professional job title and write it out on a business card or on anything visual that you get to see daily. Keep looking at it and keep calling yourself it, until you actually make it!

These are five simple examples of how you can fake it until you make it. I am sure that you might have your own examples, remember that you will make it as long as you believe you will!

Have you “faked it until you made it” sometime in your life?

Why don’t your share your experience with us?

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