Why I Decided to Use a Travel Journal During Our Last Vacation

I am sitting at Oludeniz Beach, Fethiye, the sun is shining, more than 15 paragliders are above me in the sky, the waves are crashing on the small pebbly beach, I take a deep breath, inhale the sea breeze, smile, then write about my day on my travel journal.

Fadi and I are on our 12th vacation together and during this vacation, I decided to have an official physical travel journal. During previous trips, I used to document my spendings on a journaling app, yet I never considered a travel journal until now.

Well, in case you were wondering, what is a travel journal?

A travel journal is a physical copy book that you use to document your travels. This is where you journal about your travel days.

Having never used a travel journal, here are 12 reasons why I decided to use a travel journal during our last vacation:

1. Plan for my trip: usually, Fadi and I plan our trips online, this year, I decided to do my online research, then write my findings on my journal so I can plan my trip the old school way on paper and pen!

2. Write our expectations from the trip: one of the most fulfilling things that I like to do before a trip is to set my expectations with Fadi so we are sure to have the same goals in mind. This year, I am using my journal to actually write these down and not just talk about them.

3. Document my day to day travel experiences: as mentioned earlier, during previous travels, I used an application to document my spendings. Now that I am journaling daily (at home), I feel that I need to write more than just where I went and what I spent. I would like to take some time to document all my experiences on pen and paper and that’s where my travel journal comes handy!

4. Reflect on my day every evening: usually, at the end of our trips, or at least at the end of a phase in our trips, we take a break to reflect on the experiences we have been through, the highs and the lows as well as the lessons learned. Now that I am more into journaling and daily reflections, I would like to take some time every evening to reflect on my day.

5. Become more mindful during my trip: now that I am aware of something called mindfulness (read my blog post about mindfulness) I feel that being in the moment, documenting my thoughts and feelings, wishes and desires will help me be more mindful and present in my trip.

6. Write the names of places we have been and the names of the people we have met: since Fadi and I are writing more and more blog posts about our trips, journaling will help me remember the names of shops, cafes, towns, people we have met along the way and will help keep the memory more vivid.

7. Learn to enjoy the moment: sometime when I am traveling, I get so consumed by an activity or a day or a scenery that I forget to take a moment to enjoy what I am seeing or doing. When I have a travel journal, I am prompted to take 5 minutes to write in it and thus I will learn to enjoy and absorb the moment.

8. Great way to manage travel stress: depending on the trip, there might be some travel stress accompanied, one way to overcome this stress is through venting and reflecting on a travel journal. Talking about it with your travel companions is another way to manage stress… not our topic, but just in case… 🙂

9. Record my expenditure: I like to record my expenditures, so I can still use my travel journal to write my expenditures and track them daily.

10. Document my lessons learned from the trip: usually in all our trips, Fadi and I take every experience as a learning experience. If you know us well, you know what I am talking about, if you don’t know us, well, we have special trips and special surprises that come our way :). So documenting our lessons learned kept us traveling again and again after all our travel surprises.

11. Have my notes ready for when I come home and want to write a blog post: as mentioned earlier, now that we are writing more travel blog posts, having my journal with all my notes will make it much easier for me to write a blog post after my vacation is over.

12. Write about my next trip: one of the ways that helps me reduce my post vacation blues is planning my next trip. Fadi and I usually have the next trip in mind as soon as one ends. Using my travel journal, I can now write about our next trip and start planning for it.

Well, here are 12 reasons why I decided to use a travel journal during our last vacation.

Have you ever used a travel journal?

If yes, tell us about your experience,

If no, then tell us what you use to record your memories!



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