What I Always Have in My Purse When Pregnant

After several years of traveling the world, discovering new cultures, eating new food, meeting new people, and hopping from plane to plane and hotel to Hotel, Fady and I decided to extend our family and have someone to share our travel bug with.

This is when we decided to get pregnant! Little did we know that sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get two…

If you didn’t get a chance to view our pregnancy video, here’s a glimpse of it.

Anyway, now that I am pregnant, there are several new things that I am learning about myself and about being pregnant. It’s a learning curve, and through this curve, I realized that there are several things that I need to have with me in my purse.

Here’s a list of what I always have with me in my purse:

1. Sea Band: as every pregnant women, during my pregnancy I was getting nauseous, I found an amazing solution called Sea Band where I would put two bands on my wrists, they would apply acupuncture on my hands and prevent nausea! Sea bands are available for sea sickness as well as pregnancy.

2. Sugar: I almost fainted several times during my pregnancy and was able to get back on my feet after eating something sugary. After several attempts, I decided to have sugar sachets with me at all times and believe me, they helped a lot!

3. Mint: during pregnancy it feels like you borrowed someone else’s stomach and intestines! I will not list the weird stuff that happened to me, I will keep it simple and mention how beneficial mints were to freshening my breath.

4. Chinese fan: I added this fan to my purse during my second trimester when the summer heat was at it’s peak and when I started having shortness of breath. Believe me it’s a life savior when there are no booklets available.

5. Prenatal vitamins : since my work during my pregnancy was always on the go, I always kept some prenatals with me so I don’t miss a day’s dosage. I used to take multivitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin D.

6. Panty liner: if you have been pregnant before, then you know why I added these, if you are newly pregnant, then trust me and add these to your purse. No further clarification needed!

7. Peppermint essential oil: my nose was always blocked even if I would spray saline water morning and evening, so I always kept a peppermint essential oil that I would apply below my nose to help open up my nostrils. I also applied this oil to my forehead when I had a headache (which was very often!)

8. A snack: weird enough, when I got pregnant, I would go from fully satisfied to starving hungry in a matter of seconds. That’s why a snack was essential to ensure that when starvation hit, I was fully equipped.

9. Tissues: for nose blowing, eating snacks, public toilet breaks, and other general usages.

10. Wet wipes: to keep my hands clean and disinfect almost everything around me.

11. Toilet seat cover: so far I didn’t use this one since I can still squat, but I don’t know when my legs will suddenly fail me!

12. Hand cream: pregnancy skin is always cracked up so hand cream was always handy and helped me prevent cracked handymen hands.

13. Lip balm: same for my lips, lip balm was always handy!

14. Eye drops: my eyes were also getting very dry during my pregnancy, so eye drops were always a must-have.

15. Deodorant or Roll on: to stay freshener up at all times!

Well, here were the 15 things that I always kept in my purse when pregnant.

Did you keep anything additional?

What do you think about this list?

2 thoughts on “What I Always Have in My Purse When Pregnant

  1. Hi Chantal, congratulations! Go through this and enjoy this experience. Two children certainly will be difficult to handle, require two sets of hands and four eyes, definitely. Fady is enjoying it too, I see. And despite the exhausting work and energy, it will be great fun! Enjoy.

    1. Hi Jos, thank you for your lovely message, Fady and I are excited about our new family and we are eager to the next adventure in our lives. Thanks for staying in touch!

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