My Gift to You for 2020

Today is the last day of the year, the last day from 365 days that marked 2019. We all know how 2019 was, yet everybody is asking how will 2020 be?

If I were a psychic and if I told you that this year is your year, if I told you that you will achieve all the goals you set for yourself,

how would you feel?

How would your posture be?

How straight would you be standing?

How proud would you feel?

How big would your smile be?

How proud would you feel?

Yes… It feels good… Doesn’t it?!

Now, I want you to go to the next mirror you have and look at yourself, never mind the pajama, messed up hair if you have any of these! It all doesn’t matter!

Look at yourself without judgement!

Look at the real you!

“You” passed through a lot this year!

365 days of battle!

Internal and external!

365 days of hoping, waiting, working hard, sadness, happiness, disappointments, …You made it!

Look yourself straight in the eyes! Strange right! You have been avoiding this gaze for long!

When was the last time you looked at yourself?

I know it’s been a while and even if you looked at yourself, you might have been criticizing yourself.

Anyway, take a deep breath, then another, take three big breaths.Inhale, exhale.

Look at yourself and tell yourself “I can do it“, “I will do it“!

Repeat that again! Again and again until you believe yourself and start feeling good.

Take all the time you need! Well, you are your own psychic and you attract to your life whatever you set your mind to. Therefore, I kindly ask you to keep that faith, keep that posture and stay proud as we set your goals for 2020 and as we continue to implement them throughout the year.

To learn my tips on setting achievable new year resolutions, please read this blog post.Today we are going to use our reflections from our decade in review blog post and plan the coming decade. If you haven’t read my decade in review blog post, please do so here before you continue.

Now that you have read what needs reading, please go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee or tea, you are also free to get a cup or wine, something that stimulates your brain and gets you thinking straight.

Then get an empty journal, preferably, you should have one journal for your goals. In the below image you will see my own goals journal that I have been using since 2001. I use this journal twice a year, once on December 31 when I set my goals, then once again on June 27 (on my birthday) when I review my goals mid-year.The first thing we will do is write a letter from your future 10 years older self to your current yourself. As you write this letter think of

  • Who your future self is?
  • What has she/he achieved?
  • Is he/she still worried about the same things?
  • What has she/he to reassure you about?
  • How does he/she look like?
  • Who is around?
  • What matters the most for him/her at the moment (10 years from now)?
  • Feel free to think of more details about your future self.

Take the time you need to write this letter, feel free to cry, laugh, or not feel a thing at all. Give yourself the time needed to write until there are no words left to say. If you want to write for more than an hour feel free to do so. This is a very important exercise that will help you connect with who you want to be.After the letter, feel free to take a break, have lunch if it’s time for lunch already, then get ready to write your goals for 2020.

  1. Start by brainstorming all the things you wish to be done. Feel free to write everything you ever wished you will ever do. This won’t hurt, yet it will help you know where to start from.
  2. Then simplify your to-dos by grouping similar things together. This is self-explanatory and easy to explain. Whatever you feel fits in the same category, add to the same category. As you add to the same category make sure that the categories are write goal style.
  3. Then prioritize the goals you would like to work on by most important to least important. This will help you focus yourself.
  4. Choose one to three goals from your top priority goals to work on this year.

Write your goals down.

  1. Reread them and make sure that they are S. M. A. R. T. goals.
  2. Write why you want to achieve each.
  3. Write what would happen if you don’t achieve them.
  4. Write the steps needed to achieve each and give a time frame for each step.
  5. Write how you will know that you achieved each goal.
  6. Write how you will celebrate achieving each goal.
  7. Then read this blog post for more details on how to write achievable new year resolutions and we will take it from there.

Then tonight before you go celebrate the end of 2019, look at yourself again in the mirror and remind yourself that you achieve your goals because you do not want to let yourself down.Having trouble setting your goals?! Feel free to reach out to me for help.After reading this post and writing your 2020 goals please share them in the comments below and get a chance to win a 2020 planner and a one-on-one goal planning session with me!And remember, you do not get a refund for the time wasted ™.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “My Gift to You for 2020

  1. “Goal without a timeline is just a wish”
    Thank you chantal for reminding us to set goals and objectives to pursue and acheive them.
    Thank you for reminding us to Live everyday… 🤗

    1. If I am reminding you to live every day than I am fulfilling a very important mission! I am glad that I am inspiring! Would love to do more! And I will do more! Promise!

  2. “Goal without a timeline is just a wish”
    Thank you chantal for reminding us to set goals and objectives to pursue and acheive them.
    Thank you for reminding us to Live everyday… 🤗

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