Are You Ready To Join #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge ?!

January seemed to have flown by for everyone I have talked to, for some reason we have all flown through January 2020 without even realizing it and here we are welcoming February astonished to the month that has gone by.

Every December we all set New Year Resolutions that fills the year with hopes and aspirations for a better year. We all want a better personal life, a better life with family, we want to be healthier, more successful, we want to prosper among many goals.

Working on all these things for 365 days a year might be challenging sometimes.

That’s why I have created a challenge that will helps us all lead a better year by working on one goal a week.

Each Friday, I will share a blog post stating what the goal for the coming week is, you will get two days to prepare for the goal and 7 days to implement it.

Week after week, each goal will be geared towards a better you, better life and thus a better year.

If you are ready to being part of my #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge and to announce your commitment to the challenge:

  1. Subscribe to my blog (at the end of this page) to receive the weekly challenge.
  2. Post a picture of yourself on social media saying something like: I will be participating in #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge .
  3. Tag me to the post, this way, I will know that you will be participating in the challenge and people around you will also know about your commitment. Plus, this will be you promising yourself a better year.
  4. Share the challenge with your loved ones.
  5. Enjoy 2020

Believe me, you will not feel how the goals will be achieved when you are looking at them one by one, week by week.

To give you an easier metaphor, achieving goals one by one, week by week will feel like driving through the fog from San Francisco to Los Agelos (some of you who know me well, might know where I got this metaphor from). You will only get to see where your car lights show you, bit by bit, the road starts unfolding. You will only worry where your car lights can show you, one or two meters at a time and you will not have to worry about the whole road.

Achieving goals week by week will help you achieve almost 45 things for a better you without even noticing it.

Are you ready to join the #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge

Oh wait!

Here’s my first video to launch the challenge!

If you do not speak Arabic, the video is only stating what I just wrote in a more comic and funny way!

Special thanks to my husband, Fadi Mchantaf, for filming and editing this video in such a short notice. Honey, this is me publicly telling you that I would like your kind support in filming some videos and editing them in 2020.

Happy 2020!

41 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Join #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge ?!

  1. Love the idea!
    I do challenge myself daily and I do have yearly goals.
    The challenges you’ll be offering should be doable knowing that it’s accounted for by the community you’re creating. I’m not sure I can do the weekly challenge but since it’s 2020, I will commit to an extra 20 challenges this year.
    Let the fun start!

  2. Challenges et défis #chantal_souaid sont des véritables messages d’amour pour tous.
    Mes plus vives félicitations pour tes promotions.
    Je te donne plein de soutien et du courage, Chantal !!

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