Week 1 Let’s Show Some Respect To People Around Us

This blog post is part of #chantals2020weeklychallenge series. To know what the challenge is about, check this blog post.

Deciding on the first challenge was the hardest.

The challenge I choose will either ignite your passion for the challenge or will turn off the fire you already had.

So it took me a lot of thinking to choose the first. Plus, with different participants and different interests, I had to choose something that interests everyone.I am sure you will all love it. How many of you have people in the lives that they appreciate or respect a lot. These people can be your parents, family members, siblings, spouse, best friend, gardener, taxi driver colleague, professor, or the lady who makes coffee in the office.

Sometimes we tend to express appreciation or respect, but often times we keep these feelings to ourselves and the other people might never know their worth for you.

This week, I want you to choose at least one person who you appreciate or respect and tell them how you feel. Try to be very mindful of your conversation, focus on the person and the discussion and share genuine feelings.

If you want to share your appreciation and respect to more than one person, you are free to do so with everyone you have ever met, yet I will only ask for at least one person for the sake of the challenge.

Now, for the fun part of it. If you believe that you can share your thoughts about this one person over Instagram or Facebook, why don’t you post a picture of the person and tell us why you appreciate and respect him/her.

Rule #1, Remember to be genuine and present in the moment when you talk to the person

Rule #2, If you decide to post on social media, remember to mention me in your post so I can re-share your challenge

Rule #3, Mention #chantals2020WeeklyChallenge 

Rule #4, Encourage your friends to participate in this weekly challenge

Happy 2020!

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