This week we will be more grateful

Telling people how much you appreciate and respect them seemed to be a great start for the #chantals2020weeklychallenge

It did not ask a lot from you, yet it had a very deep impact on you and the people you shared with.

Thank you for sharing with me your experiences during this week, it encouraged and motivated me to keep going with my plan for the year.

Thinking about the challenge even more, what we are doing here is fixing our lives one week at a time!

For the coming week, I want you to learn more about gratefulness. Every day, you need to post any picture with a caption of what you are grateful for. God has granted us many many things to be grateful for and we should celebrate these. They can be as simple as our senses, body, family and then you can go in depth as much as you want.

1. To mention the #chantals2020weeklychallenge and
2. Tag me in your post
3. Encourage your friends to share their gratitude and participate in the challenge

I will then reshare your gratitude and little by little next week, we will start having a snowball effect of gratitude and appreciation that will indirectly lead to more positivity.4. At the end of the week, please post what the week has taught you...

5. If you really enjoyed being grateful this week, I recommend that you buy a notebook and continue to write your gratitude daily on it.

Are you ready?

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