Week 7 Let’s Be Productive and Spend Our Time Wisely This Week

For those of you who do not know me, well, I am Chantal, you can read more about me here. This year I embarked on a weekly goal challenge as a means to improve my year one week at a time. If you want to improve your year step by step at a slow pace and ensure that you implement these goals, then this challenge is yours to take! Read more about Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge.


With almost 3 million case of COVID-19 worldwide (Source Worldometer 4/26/2020) the pandemic is changing the world as me know it.

The pandemic has almost affected the whole world. According to Worldometer there are around 180 countries and territories affected by COVID-19. It has shut down countries, airports, businesses, schools, institutions and many more. What remains open for a limited periods of time are supermarkets and pharmacies. Hospitals and medical institutions are working more than ever.

With the declared state of emergency in many countries and with a lock-down to many cities, people are locked at home.

With everyone at home, we have some employees who are working from home, others are not working (yet are at home) and unfortunately some have lost their jobs.

While everyone is waiting to see which turn will this pandemic take, people are sitting at home, wasting precious time being stressed bing watching the news and eating.

A lot of people who have lost their jobs or who cannot work from home are just wasting precious time.

For some of us, very little has changed, my family and I have been quarantined for 18 months now for non COVID-19 reasons, so the only thing that changed is the work place that is now in our home offices instead of 25km away from home.

With so many deadlines and work obligations, and with available care for our children, the only difference is that we are saving 3 hours a day of commute.

Now what we are doing with this additional time and with the rest of our time… nothing special.

For this week’s #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge I challenge you to be more productive and spend your time wisely.

You see, I personally believe that the world is asking us to take a break and to slow down. The world wants us to be more in tune with ourselves, more in tune with one another and to understand what matters most.

Now that we are home and have a little or a lot of extra free time, I challenge you this week to be productive with your time, please pick one or more things to do from my “161 Things To Do When Quarantined At Home For COVID-19” list and do them.

You can also download the 161 things to do by clicking on Download mentioned below or clicking here.

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