Week 8 Are You Ready To Exercise This Week?!

The whole world is talking COVID-19 and we are the only ones talking about something else.

I think this is awesome!


Its awesome because we are not letting anything come in the way of our personal development.

We promised ourselves a perfect year and nothing will stop us!

For those of you who do not know me, I am Chantal Souaid Mchantaf. I am a trainer and blogger among many things. Read more about me here.

I set out on a step by step journey of personal development where I would challenge myself and challenge you to achieve one goal per week leading to a better year.

Read more about the challenge here.


For this month as you know, we are focusing on our health. We talked about healthy meals during week 5 (read here about week 5), staying healthy and boosting immune system during week 6 (read here about week 6) and taking care of our mental health during week 7 with 161 things to do when stuck at home (read here about week 7).

For this week, we will exercise daily for at least 5 minutes.

Yes, that’s what we will do!

I will not keep you lingering here not knowing what to do. I have a good plan.

I teamed up with two amazing personal trainers who happen to be my friends. Get Fit with Chanty and Ron Force. They both have different styles of exercising and thus will keep you hooked next week!


They will both create videos for exercises that you will do at home to get moving and stay in shape. Each one of them is amazing at something and I guarantee that after doing the daily exercises your week will move to a different level.

All you need to do is to subscribe to my blog by adding your email in the below field and join the Private Facebook group and I will share with you the videos of Chanty and Ronnie. Then daily, we will all exercise and stay healthy.

Who is ready for this week’s challenge and to stay healthy?


To make the best out of all my weekly challenges, here’s what I will be doing next week for a more well grounded week other than exercising. And before I mention them, I have to say that all these take a maximum of one hour a day that will be divided throughout the day and thus wont take a lot of time from you.

  1. I will call one person I highly respect and appreciate per day (max 10 minutes) (read more about week 1’s challenge)

2. I will remember to be grateful every day since God has given me too much (max 10 minutes) (read more about week 2’s challenge)

3. I will plan my meals at before the week starts so I do not binge eat the whole fridge, wait did I say that out loud? (planning takes around 20 minutes over the weekend, then cooking time per day, but no one has any other option than to cook, right?!) (read more about week 5‘s challenge)

4. I will donate one thing a day, oufff, I have a lot of things that are weighing me down (max 10 minutes) (read more about week 3s challenge)

5. I will continue to prevent sickness (max 10 minutes) (read more about week 6‘s challenge)

6. After finishing work, I will be productive with my additional free time (depending on free time available) (read more about week 7’s challenge)

7. And definitely I will drink 2 liters of water a day (no additional time)

Will you be joining me in exercising and taking the extra mile for an amazing week?!

Please also subscribe to my blog by adding your email address in the below field.

Join our Private Facebook Group so we can encourage one another and exercise daily!

To learn more about previous challenges:

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