Week 14 Let’s Reduce Stress by 68% this Week

What would you do if I told you that there is a 6 minute remedy that will help reduce your stress by 68%?

Would you do what I ask you to do?!

My name is Chantal Souaid Mchantaf and I am a blogger and trainer among many other interesting things (you can get to know me better by reading my about me section or by visiting my LinkedIn account to know me professionally, yes I will surprise you). This year I embarked on a weekly goal challenge as a means to improve my year one week at a time.

If you want to improve your year step by step at a slow pace and ensure that you implement your goals, then this challenge is yours to take! Read more about Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge.

The challenge was spiced up by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, that is pushing us all to get out of our comfort zones and to live better lives, at home.


Watch this video in Lebanese Arabic for a quick glimpse of how you can reduce your stress by 68% this week. If you don’t speak Arabic, no problem, read on.

6min of this will can reduce your stress by 68%

Well,  Neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis studies with 6 minutes of reading, reduces stress up to 68%.

6 min of #reading reduces #stress by 68%

Girl sitting by the lake reflecting on the thought that 6 min of reading can reduce stress by 68%
Reading for 6 min a day can reduce stress by 68%

Other than reducing stress, what are the benefits of reading you may ask me?!

  • Reading improves physical health, for example sleep
  • Reading improves empathy
  • Reading improves mental health, for example easing depression
  • Reading helps you become a better conversationalist
  • Neighbors will never complain that your reading is too loud…well unless you are screaming it.

“#Success is nothing more than a few simple #disciplines, practices every day” – Jim Rohn


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