Week 15 Let’s Clear Our Mind This Week

When was the last time you didn’t do anything for 10 minutes?

I mean you didn’t think, talk to someone, check social media, listen to a song or plan for the future.

For this week of Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge, we will stop for 10 minutes and turn off our mind.

We will focus on the present moment and on our breathing.

Clear Your Mind This Week

Headspace gives a perfect analogy for clearing our mind. They imagine the mind to be like the sky and our thoughts to be clouds, these clouds can be happy thoughts, i.e. white clouds, or rainy clouds for sad thoughts. When we clear our mind and focus on the present moment,we try to clear the clouds, white or black which will thus help us deal with thoughts later on.

Scientifically when we do so, we help our brain loosen some connections of particular neural pathways. This is not as bad as it sounds. This exercise helps rejuvenate our brain and thus mind, body and health.

When we clear our mind, we:

  • Reduce stress
  • Learn to control anxiety
  • Learn to focus better
  • Improve memory
  • Sleep better

We can also clear our mind anywhere we are.

When we learn to focus on the moment and clear our mind,we feel as if we added more hours to our day, we appreciate life more, we feel connected to ourselves and the ones around us and thus end up leading a better life.

Let’s Clear our Mind This Week

Here’s how we can clear our mind:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Sit in any comfortable position
  • Close your eyes
  • start breathing
  • Start shutting off your brain
  • Try to focus on emptying your mind

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Your mind will roam… this is very normal. you will notice other things happening around you, you might start daydreaming and get lost in thoughts. If this happens, simple notice what you are thinking about, take a moment, pause, then try to go back to emptying your mind.

You can try counting your breath as a way to distract your self from thinking.

After practicing this for 10 min a day for one week, you will become a new person, ideally a better person.

Do you clear your mind?

Share your thoughts in the below comments.

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Are you ready to clear your mind this week? 

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