Week 16 Let’s Wake up at 5am This Week

It actually doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, what matters is the moment that I start to drift into sleep…

Then waaaaaa… one of the twins wake up.

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This week’s challenge was inspired by two things, my twins and Robin Sharma.


How did this combination happen you may ask?!

And wait, what is Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge?

My name is Chantal Souaid Mchantaf and I am a blogger and trainer among many other interesting things (you can get to know me better by reading the about me section or by visiting my LinkedIn Account, yes I will surprise you). This year I embarked on a weekly goal challenge as a means to improve my year one week at a time.

If you want to improve your year step by step at a slow pace and ensure that you implement your goals, then this challenge is yours to take! Read more about Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge.

The challenge was spiced up by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, that is pushing us all to get out of our comfort zones and to live better lives, at home.


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Well, after subscribing, now, let me tell you how they are combined.

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  1. Let’s Do One Daily Thing That Makes Us Happy
  2. Let’s Nag This Week
  3. Let’s be Mindful This Week
  4. Let’s Talk about August 4 ~ تعوا نحكي عن 4 آب
  5. Let’s Reconcile this Week

For several reasons that we are not getting into today, my twins still don’t sleep all night. We can talk on Facebook about this, I am all ears for your solutions! Anyway, the worst part of the night is 5am. When they wake up at 5am, I wake up energized, other than being angry and pissed off at them, I try to go back to sleep, it takes me a long time to fall asleep, the second I do fall asleep, then they keep on waking up one after the other, which naturally makes me very grumpy and angry.

Before COVID-19, it was easy for me to destress on my very long way to work, I would play some music, an audiobook, as I chill and have my coffee.

By the time I get to work, I would have even forgotten that I have kids. Just kidding! Lol.

Anyway, with the COVID-19 lockdown, I have no way to destress. My office is one floor up the stairs.

That’s where Robin Sharma comes in. Robin, yes we are on first basis names :), wrote a book called the 5am club. He has always been fond of waking up with the sun, but when he wrote his book, he took his love and admiration for the matter to a different level.

Before having twins, actually before getting married, I used to always wake up with the sun, as per the advice of the monk who sold his Ferrari and it was easy for me.

So in April, after trying many sleep techniques with my kids and sometimes having them sleep all night. Then start waking up at 5am, I decided to change myself instead of dwell on them not changing. Change my attitude as Paul J. Meyer says.

I decided to do change my attitude same as Viktor E. Frankl says in the below quote.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. – Viktor Frankl #Chanals2020WeeklyChallenge

I decided to wake up with the twins and stay up…

You cannot believe what a magical experience this whole thing has been for me. I started waking up at 5:00am and having 2 hours for myself. During these two hours, I would  do my morning routine, so no matter how many times my twins would wake up, I would already be up and energized.

Bring it on, I would say.

Here’s what I do in my morning routine from 5:00am till 7:00am.

Here’s what we will do during this week of Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge:

  1. We will wake up at 5am or if its hard for you, wake up a bit earlier than your usual days.
  2. Exercise
  3. Clear our mind
  4. Journal
  5. Read
Why we should wake up with the Sun

Here’s why we will do it:

  1. We will wake up at 5am because our life matters and because the part of our brain that makes us worry and analyze would still be temporary shut down and we would easily feel the tranquility of the daybreak. Wouldn’t you want to start your day this tranquil?!
  2. We will start by exercising which is known to reduce the bad mood hormones (serotonin) and increase the happy hormones (dopamine and endorphins) Plus remember how I told you last week that clearing your mind will break some neural pathways and connections in your mind?! Well exercising and sweating, does the same which then repairs brain cells and thus helps you think quicker and sharper. Wouldn’t you want that?!
  3. Clear our mind and journal which will reduce the stress hormone (cortisol), and help us set intentions for our day. Remember that for the whole month of May, I am sharing journal prompts daily that will help journal better. You can find these journal prompts on my Instagram account and on our Private Facebook Community
  4. Read after exercising, clearing your mind and journaling, focus some time on reading and learning. Please keep your phone on do not disturb and do not waste time on social media.

Click Download Below to Download Chantal’s Morning and Evening Routine Free Printable

Why Setting Morning and Evening Routines is Best When at Home for COVID-19 Free Printable #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge Chantal's 2020 Weekly Challenge
Why Setting Morning and Evening Routines is Best When at Home for COVID-19 Free Printable #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge

Some tips that will help you wake up earlier:

  • Plan your next day’s to-do list long before you go to bed and don’t think about it when you get to bed
  • Don’t eat after 8pm, if you have to eat, eat something light like a soup or a salad
  • Don’t watch or read the news before sleep
  • No social media in bed (actually no social media after 8pm)
  • Plan your clothes the night before
  • Prepare your coffee
  • If you want to have breakfast prepare it

Remember that this habit takes time to be built, actually Robin says it needs 66 days from now. And he also says that if we give up after one week of trying to wake up early, it will be like giving up on learning French since we didn’t master it in one week. So waking up at 5am, will be a gradual and a challenge that we will carry with us for a while. Actually, come to think of it, 66 days from Monday, May 25 will be Thursday, July 30. So this will be how long it will take us to master our waking up at 5am.

Benefits of waking up at 5am this week

Exercising, reading and journaling are already previous challenges, when we implement all these four goals, we would be summarizing several challenges in one, and giving a proper closure to our month’s theme: if you cannot go outside, just go inside.

To encourage ourselves, let’s post one image and a caption about our morning wake up and routine on social media tagging me and another picture on our Facebook community. We will all vote on the person who makes a long streak of waking up early, or does the most effort and he/she will get a free one-on-one goal setting session with me that will be announced on Monday, June 1’s Grab a Morning Coffee with Chantal.

Grab Your Morning Coffee with Chantal

Wait, what?! Grab a Morning Coffee with Chantal! Yes, every Monday at 8am GMT +3. During this coffee break, we have our Monday morning coffee together, talk, reflect and debrief on our weekly challenge, learn something new and set the best tone for the week ahead!

Are you ready to take your year to the next level this week?

Now, do you want to know what happened to my kids when I started waking up at 5am? Well, let me tell you that they started sleeping in and during the week, sleep until 8am.

Ironic isn’t it?


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