Week 21 Let’s Find Our Five People

Have you ever been with someone and felt so much happy you can jump and touch the sky?!

And have you ever been with someone else and felt so down you are worthless?!

For those who do not know me, I am Chantal Souaid Mchantaf, I am a trainer and blogger who decided to treat 2020 different by creating Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge.

Going back to our topic.

We always think that people are fighting over money and power, what they are actually fighting over is energy.

Let me explain.

People trade in the currency of energy, they take energy from one another, its manifestation might be through trade of money or other material belongings, yet the underlining trade is energy.

People steal energy from one another to feel good, to feel better.

For example, if I am insecure about myself, and if I do not recognize how can I replenish my energy, the best way for me to do so is by taking you down and showing you your insecurities.

These people are called energy vampires, their job is to steal our energy and feel bad themselves.

That’s why people make one another feel bad, they do not know another way.

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Now before telling you about giving one another energy, let’s see how we can prevent these people from stealing our energy.

  1. Recognize in general that there are people out there whose jobs are to steal energy like some steal belongings.
  2. At any given moment, try to watch your energy levels and notice if someone is trying to steal your energy.
  3. If they are, the fact that you are reminding yourself that you are aware of this theft taking place will allow you to mask yourself from the situation
  4. Try to talk to yourself, yes I ask you to do that a lot, it is very helpful to talk to ourselves and reason with yourself knowing that this person is trying to steal your energy
  5. If talking to yourself and noticing that this person is stealing your energy is not working, simply stop this person’s thread of thoughts or just retreat from the situation.
  6. Learn ways that will help you to replenish your energy

I remember when I first read about the concept, I was working on a very demanding project, we were working with more than 600 beneficiaries and a lot of them were so upset from many things. Since I was the project manager and the person in their faces, whenever they saw me and specifically when we were paying per diem, they used to rob me from my energy by complaining about the program, the per diem, the government, the trainers and anyone they saw walking in front of them. At the beginning, I used to leave the centers full of tears hating my job, when I knew what these people were feeling, and trying to do with me, I was able to understand that they were happy at many things,

  1. So I felt empathy for them
  2. I realized that if it was not chantal in front of them, they would have still complained the same
  3. They felt good after they layed all their problems on me
  4. I should not allow them to do so
  5. So the next time I visited the centers and they all came laying down on me with the problems of their lives, I simply heard them, told them that I feel their pain, yet confirmed that did not have the solution to their problem
  6. And deep inside, I kept talking to myself and reminding myself that whatever they are saying is not intended to me

This worked, yet I have to admit that I still fall for the trap of people who catch me off-guard. It’s not always easy, yet it’s a work in progress and believe me talking to yourself in such moments really help.

Now, let’s talk about people who make you feel good

Well these people are people who have their energies regulated and who are aware that the best way to replenish their energies is by making other people feel good. I personally tend to fall under this category of people. I replenish my energy by making people feel good, so they feel good, I feel good and the ripple effect keeps growing.

  1. Find such people in your life and surround yourself by them
  2. Little by little, you will notice that in some instances in your life, you are the motivator for others
  3. You can also find a hobby that you like that replenishes your energy, a hug from someone you love, a phone call from a loved one, playing with a baby, etc.

The second point of my blog post is the concept that Jim Rohn talks about

“You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”

Jim Rohn

We tend to take a lot from the people we spend most of our time with, so if you want to be successful, it is vital that you surround yourself with people who are successful, who have positive habits and who keep pushing you to be a better person.

I will not dwell on this idea, I will move to my third and last idea of my blog post which is a notion that the international speaker and entrepreneur Tracey Flowers Talks about.

Let's Find Our Five People This Week

Tracey says that the secret to happiness is surrounding yourself with five people.

She believes that each person needs these five people in their lives.

  1. Cheerleader: to believe in you especially when you struggle to believe in yourself
  2. Mentor: to point you to the right direction especially when you are feeling lost
  3. Coach: take you out of your comfort zone to help you make it happen
  4. Friend: to hear your dreams and support you no matter what happens
  5. Peer: to keep you focused at the task at hand

These five people might be a bit different from the five that Jim Rohn talks about and you might be spending time with more than five.

For week 21 of Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenges, I challenge you to find your five people.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Share the below image on social media, tag me and use #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge
  2. Get your journal, yes we have one since week 13 and are using it daily. Reflect on the people you spend most of your time with. How do they make you feel? Do they lift you or drown you?
  3. Make conscious decisions to spend more time with them, or just reduce the time you spend with them
  4. Feel free to make a general list of people you would like to spend more time with, these will be your average five
  5. Look the list of five people Stacy talks about, the cheerleader, mentor, coach, friend and peer and reflect on who these five people can be.
  6. After deciding who these people can be (by the way, you don’t need to spend most of your time with these people, just a little can be enough) give them a call and tell them that you are participating in Chantal’s 2020 Weekly Challenge and that you nominated them as part of the five people you need to be happy
  7. Start spending time with them and with your average five.

Remember, You Don’t Get a Refund for the Time Wasted

Journaling is a very important part of our challenge, we announced it during week 13, learn more about the benefits of journaling, and each week we continue to journal daily. Here are the journal prompts for this week’s challenge.



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