Week 27 Let’s Talk about August 4

Watch me announce my challenge in Lebanese Arabic

As most of you know by now, after the Beirut explosion on August 4, I started a series of discussions titled صار_لازم_نحكي#  these discussions were geared towards helping us talk and express ourselves, our kids, find peace, fix our relationships and more.

For the past three weeks, I was personally focused on that, some of you joined us. The discussions continue and we need to continue talking.

We should not forget what happened on that day and we should not normalize trauma.

For that matter during week 27 of #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge, I challenge myself and challenge you to talk more.

Listen to me announce the challenge on Spotify or any podcast

You are free to choose who to talk to, but you need to talk to at least 5 new people this week. You can talk and express what you feel or at least listen to them.

Pick 5 people you haven’t talked to and check on them physically and psychologically, see if they need any moral support, any physical support or are just happy to hear from you.

I recommend that you tell each of these five people what you are doing and encourage them to call five other people.

Let’s Talk about August 4

This might give an excuse for the people who have the need to talk to express themselves and it can be blamed on this challenge, and it will be an excuse for all off us to actually talk.

Please also talk with groups and initiatives that are collecting stories about August 4 like @talkaboutaugust4 fill their form here and make sure we all remember what happened on that day!

Here are more details about Talk about August 4 Initiative

Talk About August 4 is an initiative by historians and students aiming to preserve the memory of the Beirut Blast. They are working on a long term oral history project which is about creating an online database of oral testimonies about the blast. They have a Facebook and Instagram accounts to get as many people possible to register to their database. If you would like to be interviewed later on about the Beirut Blast and your experience please fill in their form https://bit.ly/2QoOUFu

Are you ready to join me for week 27 and talk about everything that is going on around us?

If you are ready to join and want to share your joining publically, share the corresponding Instagram image found below on your social media network and tag me and use #chantals2020weeklychallenge.

share this image to announce your participation in the challenge

Please remember that in case you encounter anyone that needs psychological support, I can connect you with Psychotherapists who can help and if someone needs any physical/financial support we can gather resources on the Facebook group.

Speaking of the Facebook group, if you haven’t joined us yet, please do so!

Remember صار_لازم_نحكي #



click here or on the image to go to our Facebook group


Success! You’re on the list.

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