Week 28 Let’s Be Mindful This Week

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We tend to live in the past or the future, for some reason, we tend to forget the present moment.

We keep telling ourselves that we will be happy once COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, once we graduate, once our kids go to school, but for some reason we forget that life happens in the current moment, in the here and now.

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How many times have you driven from work to your house and snapped out of it in the parking lot when you realized that you had been driving mindlessly all the way?!

How many times have you eaten a meal, then finished it to realize that you don’t remember how it tasted?!

I know that I have been guilty doing all these!

To overcome these, there is a solution, we can be mindful.

While there are many definitions for mindfulness, I believe that this is the simplest definition to Mindfulness:

Living the moment and feeling it with our senses.

Let’s be Mindful This Week

For week 28 of #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge I will challenge myself and challenge you to be mindful. Here’s what we can do

  • We can chew our food properly and thus taste it better
  • We can sip our coffee or tea and enjoy the smell, taste, warmth and not do anything else in that moment
  • We can do one thing at a time and enjoy it no matter what it is. This is called Unitasking
  • We can have focused conversations with people around us and listen with all our senses
  • We can meditate
  • We can enjoy nature
  • We can walk in common street and contemplate their details
  • We can do deep breathing
  • We can journal about our feelings

How can we remember mindfulness?!

Usually, we tend to enter a trance and forget to be mindful.

  1. We can set alarms during the day to remind us to be more mindful
  2. We can find a specific trigger like drinking water and then remembering to be more mindful
  3. We can set specific activities to be performed mindfully
  4. We can wear a specific bracelet or another accessory to remind us
  5. We can stick sticky notes around us in the office or house that have quotes
  6. We can put a wallpaper on our phone or laptop to remind us to be more mindful

As Sharen Salzberg says being mindful is easy, we just need to be reminded of it. https://www.sharonsalzberg.com/


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9 thoughts on “Week 28 Let’s Be Mindful This Week

  1. Good day, was jsut wondering where is this week challenge…lol, ever since I commit to do some of your challenges I feel much more positive vibes, thanks so much Mz Chantal!!

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