Wait Until You Have Kids…

The First Impressions

I get in the room, in front of me was Carole, the head of recruitment unit in a large corporation, she is in her 40s, stylishly dressed, very professional, she had some files, and was scribbling on her paper, I can feel that she was tense. She looked up and saw me enter the room so she smiled. In her smile I sensed that she was skeptical about me being her mentor and trainer.

I get in the room, I am in my 30s, at the peak of my professional career, managing a regional multimillion dollars project and many more projects on my portfolio. I am also a trainer and mentor and have seen several business and organization succeed. I know that Carole and her company were skeptical about my being her trainer due to my age, so I was entering the room with all the energy I have got ready to showcase all my skills.

Loosening Up

We start by getting to know one another, she is married has two kids, one is a new born, and as any working mom, she is struggling to balance her professional life, her motherhood life as well as all the other aspects of her life.

We talk about the training I share with her my international development experience, she started to get comfortable and I started to notice that she started seeing past my age and into my experience.

We set our program expectations and we decide where we want to be in five months when the program ends.

The Famous Comment

She got so comfortable and the conversation became so pleasant. Right before she left, she told me that after reading about  my morning routine and all my productivity tips on my blog, the first thing that came to her mind was “wait until you have kids, then come tell me about your morning routine and all your productivity tips and tricks.”

As a professional in the field working with people older and more advanced in their family lives, I have always received the similar comments, so I had my answer ready and we left the room laughing.

The Doubt

After having heard this comment over and over again, I started doubting myself, what if everyone was right, what if I lost it when I have kids. What if all my productivity tips and tricks fail me when I have a baby. What it I no longer have control over my life. What if they were all right?!

Wait Until You Have Kids

One Month Later

One month later, I knew that I was pregnant, I didn’t share the news with Carole, I waited until the program ended and she was happy with the results and I broke the news of my double pregnancy. We laughed and joked about how my life will be with twins and I told her that we had to wait and see.

Fast Forward: The Timeline

August 2018: I delivered the twins prematurely, so I struggled between a job and two kids at the NICU.

October 2018: One baby comes home and another at the NICU, I struggled being in two places at once.

December 2018: Now I had two babies at home, one on oxygen, I struggled caring for both alone.

February 2019 and for another year: Thank God I got the help I needed, but I still struggled with one baby on oxygen, a full-time job and a part-time training job. Not to mention exclusive breastfeeding, reading books on raising kids and running from doctor to doctor to see how we can get one of the twins to breath on his own.

All Under Control

For more than a year, I still felt that I had it all under control, I actually had it under control, I didn’t just feel it.

I created systems, checklists, had the diaper bag ready, the emergency bag ready, I took doctor appointments on specific days, I batched similar tasks and tackled them together, I used the famous Ford assembly line to do basically everything and it was all working.

I also worked hard, woke up early, didn’t sleep well at night. I altered my morning routine yet kept my evening routine and I simplified my goals.

Carole’s Comment

Carole’s comment kept popping in and out of my head and I kept thinking to myself, come Carole, come see how I have it all under control now. I was taking pride in my ability to make it all happen and not even whisper a word about how hard it was.

Then one sunny Sunday morning, Carole calls, we chitchat, catchup, then laugh as I tell her about all the conversations I was having with her in my head every morning ever since the twins were born.

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The New Life

I have to admit, my life has drastically changed ever since the twins came to our lives. My routines have changed because of the circumstances, my priorities have changed, I have changed, but I have to admit, I am even more organized and more productive than I ever was. Organization and productivity were no longer an option, they became a necessity for a decent survival.

My productivity has improved for now I know what deserves my time. I have learned to ask for help, to say that I can no longer take it and to take a break so small as taking a bath.

God’s Joke on Me

When I knew that I was pregnant with Twins I laughed and asked God if he was messing with me as Carole did when she gave me her famous comment. Then after a lot of reflections, I knew that if I can make it with twins, and all the above, then God was not messing with me, he was giving me a funny golden opportunity. An opportunity to walk the talk and have people around me believe in my advice.

My Story

Writing this story is inspired by week 22 of  #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge where I challenged myself and challenged you to write our stories.

So here’s my story for this specific part of my life, I am sure that it will evolve as I will. I love my story for now, it is enough for me and I will cherish it until it changes or evolves.

Now, if you are struggling with doing the things you love in your life, you can count on my advice, I am here and I am making it happen despite all what life has been offering me.

Now it’s your turn, what is your story?!

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