Week 32 Let’s Join Robin Sharma’s 5am Club Without Waking Up at 5am

Hey what was that title?!

Let’s join Robin Sharma’s 5am club without waking up at 5am?! Huh?!

Hello and welcome to my channel, my name is Chantal and I am a productivity trainer and blogger (Read about me). I decided at the beginning of this year to ditch my new year resolution and instead do weekly challenges (To know more about my challenge).

Anyway, back to this week’s challenge. How can we join Robin Sharma’s 5am club without waking up at 5am!?

Before I reply to this question, let me give a small summary to Robin Sharma’s 5am club book.

The 5%

So Robin Sharma believes and it is backed by science as usual that Heros are made in the first hour of the day, he believes that if we want to be among the 5% successful people in the world, we should stop doing what 95% of people do.

Heroes are made in the first hour of the day ~ Robin Sharma #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge

He believes that when we wake up early we are able to use a quiet time that will help us enter a flow.

The Four Interior Empires

He also believes that we have four interior empires that we need to nourish.





And he believes that we need to nourish all four of them! Don’t we all believe the same?!

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66 Days

Robin believes that it takes 66 days to make a habit and in is book explains that there are three stages of building a habit which are destruction, installation and integration. Read his book for more on that!

The 20/20/20 Rules

Sharma believes that we should not be waking up at 5am just to scroll through social media or watch useless news, he has it all figured out for us!

He recommends that we sweat for 20 minutes, when we sweat we decrease cortisol levels (which is the hormone that stresses us) and thus this will help our brain create new pathways and connections. Remember Neuroplasticity?! Read more about our week 16 Let’s Wake Up at 5am.

Then he recommends that we reflect, and by this he means medicate (read more about week 15 Let’s Clear Our Mind) or journal (read more about week 13 Let’s Journal for 10 min) I personally recommend 10 minutes of meditation followed by 10 minutes of journaling.

Then Robin recommends that we learn (read more about week 14 Let’s Reduce Stress by 68% and week 24 Let’s Take an Online Course).

Let’s Join the 5am Club!

Better Sleep

Robin Sharma also talks about the importance for preparing to sleep and having a good night sleep, I will not get into this now, because I am preparing for a challenge on the topic. Shhhhh!! Don’t Tell anyone!

Okay Chantal you might say, so you still haven’t answered what we will do this week.

Okay, so I have challenged you and challenged myself to wake up at 5am, to read, to exercise, to mediate, to journal. Now I will challenge you to do all three together! Oh wait, all four!

So for week 32 of #Chantals2020WeeklyChallenge we will wake up 21 minutes before our regular waking hour, we will exercise for 7min, meditate or journal for 7 min and read for 7 minutes.

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Are you ready to pump it up this week!?

I know that I am!


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