Week 33 Let’s Set a Sleep Routine This Week

How many times have your alarm rang, you hit the snooze, fall back asleep for 5 minutes, then when you wake up, you are cranky, hate yourself and even me, if you are participating in my 5am challenge?

Well this happens a lot to me.

In this blog post, we will talk about sleep cycles, evening routines, morning routines and how to set our sleep routine for a better sleep this week!

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Mathew Walker’s Sleep Cycle from his book, Why We Sleep?

We might think that sleep is the most unproductive things we do, but when we understand what happens when we sleep, well, it might be the most productive thing we do. That is 😉 depending on what we do during the day.

Let’s dive in.

The Deep Sleep: The first 90min of sleep are the deep sleep. This is the time when your body is used to sleeping. This cycle recalls memory. This is the time when our brain starts memorizing things we did during the day. If we are late to sleep, we might hinder our opportunity to save these information and they might be lost forever.

The Light Sleep is a mental refresher, it renews our ability to learn new things.

The REM Sleep (dream sleep) make sense of information. REM sleep makes connections between old information and new information. This REM helps us wake up with new ideas, a breakthrough, a new chapter for our book, etc.  Creative and emotional insights. This is also when we sleep

The Link Between the Snooze Button and Waking Up Cranky as Mel Robbins Describes in her 5 Second Rule Book

Just before we wake up, that is the regular wake up time, our body starts to slowly wake us up. If the alarm rings and we go back to sleep, our body enters another sleep cycle.

Sleep inertia happens when we suddenly get awakened why during our REM sleep. During this time, we have high levels of melatonin that are still causing our sleepiness.

How Can an Evening Routine Help us Sleep Better and Thus Wake Up Better?

  • No phones 2 hours before sleep: our phones emit blue light and blue light reduces the melatonin level secretions in our body and usually we need melatonin as a spark that gets us to directly sleep. When our body suspects any hint of blue light, it suppresses melatonin secretions and thus you will have a hard time sleeping.
  • Keep your phone out of your bedroom: We are tempted to check our phones if they are with us in the bedroom and we are tempted to hit the snooze the next morning when the alarm rings.
  • Red light to read book: even the smallest lamps might emit light that bothers us. A red light lamp can prevent this.
  • Total dark: as much as I don’t like a dark room because it will not help me wake up the next day, it has been proven scientifically that we can fall asleep quicker and better and stay asleep if our rooms are totally dark. I use regular blocking curtains that can reduce outside lights, yet still get some light in at the beginning of each day.
  • Cold room: apparently our bodies need 2 degrees colder rooms for us to sleep better. That’s why if it’s hot, we have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night.

How Can a Morning Routine Help Us Wake Up Better?

  • Wake up at the same time: when we get our bodies used to waking up early at the same time every day even on weekends, we are helping our bodies and their sleep cycles. Ever slept in on a weekend and felt so tired all the day?! Well that’s because our bodies are not used to this.
  • Do not hit snooze: when the alarm rings, since it should be outside the bedroom, you need to just lift yourself up and go turn it off and thus prevent yourself from hitting the snooze button. Remember hitting snooze will make you even more crankier.
  • Take a cold bath: if you hit the snooze and went back to sleep inertia or if you did not, yet woke up super tired and cranky, try a waking up by taking a cold bath, this will surprise your body, stop melatonin secretions and you will be ready to go by the time you get out of bed. if you want to wake up well

So What Can We do this Week?!

  1. Start by deciding on the time you want to sleep and the time you want to wake up
  2. Create a morning and evening routine that will energize you to be happy to sleep on time and wake up knowing that you have productive things to do for yourself. Read my blog post on how to set a morning and evening routine.
  3. Keep your phone out of the room or in the room far from your bed
  4. Do not hit the snooze button
  5. No phone, tablets or lights before sleep
  6. Remember why this whole thing is worth doing.

Hey, I Forgot, Why Should I have a Proper Sleep Routine?!

Well, sleep is the most productive thing we do during our day, it’s the time we sleep, but our bodies processes everything, plus a proper night of sleep will help us waking up energized and ready to conquer our lives and make our dreams come true. It’s similar to eating that helps fuel our body, while eating might have some negative repercussions depending on how, what and when we eat; sleeping fuels our bodies even better and a proper sleep routine never fails us.

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