Week 34 Let’s Shop Local This Week

2020 has been a hard year on local businesses, with lockdown all over the world, local businesses have been hit so hard.

If you happen to live in Lebanon, then you know how hard the economy has been hit and how hard it has been and still is for local businesses to strive.

If you are new to my blog, my name is Chantal, I am a trainer and blogger who specialises in productivity. I decided at the beginning of this year to ditch my new year resolution and do weekly challenges instead. Learn more about #chantals2020weeklychallenge.

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For week 34 of #chantals2020weeklychallenge I will challenge you and challenge myself to shop local. I know that this gesture will not improve the world wide economy, but if you believe in the power of the community like I do and if you believe in yourself too, we can all start a ripple effect and bit by bit help our local society.

The problem is that for several reasons we are all going global in times like these and we are shopping in big chains that do not need us anyway, yet our local farmer needs our support to stay in business and feed his family.

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