About Chantal

I am someone who doesn’t use electronic equipment (or anything else) without reading its manual; some say that’s a trait of a blue personality; I call it access to information!

Access to information is sacred for me, so I document flawlessly! I can tell you what I spend on delivery during October 2007, and what I did any day during 2004.

I created my first business card when I was 12, yet I didn’t give it to anyone other than my parents.

Every day I wake up with a hope that today will be a better day; so I wake up early and check my to-do list.(I don’t just plan, but I also execute, evaluate and document my findings.)

I also love talking, I talk a lot actually! I have an opinion about everything I see, hear, and feel.

I created my blog to share my life experiences and convey some of my random thought!

Check out what I am up to and let me know what you think!

Welcome to my blog!

PS: I have never used a diary!




11 thoughts on “About Chantal

  1. Dear chantie,
    I hope you remember me! Actually you made me cry when I saw this site and how nice and deep your thoughts are. I am so happy to know what you are doing now in life. Thank you for enriching every one with your ideas. god bless you and keep it up! Rana Yahchouchy

    1. Rana! How can I forget you! I am sad that you though for a second that I might forget you! it’s good that you like my blog! You know I love talking, and I decided to put my words to something useful!
      Thanks for your nice words!

  2. Dear Chantal,
    Great site! Great work… Well done your new site.

    Nice greetings from Bingen am Rhein / Germany

    bye, Tamer

  3. Stumbled on your blog by chance on Lebanese Blogs and after reading a few posts decided to follow you! your posts are refreshing and your tone just very welcoming and trust worthy! Going to continue my read and hope in reading many more. Regards 🙂

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